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What is meemi?
A meme, a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, gets transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena (via: Wikipedia)
A meme is a micro content that we want to share with our friends (or our family) quickly and easily.
Each meme is characterized by various parties that are:
  • the avatar, our photo, we can always be recognizable
  • the meme that we want to share (text, image, quote, link, event or video)
  • the source (optional) allows us to make known to our friends, the real authorship of this meme, describing where we actually found, creating an even larger network without boundaries
  • the channels (optional) allows us to easily classify and search for a meme
  • and finally each meme has any additional actions: we can leave a response, recover the permalink of the meme and other small actions
Each meme may have answers, which in turn can generate other responses, forming an infinite network and a shared knowledge.
What is the "Meme sfera"?
The meme sfera is the background noise of those who surround us, the collector of the latest memes shared by users who have not been given as answers.
From the meme sfera, you can always find new friends and new knowledge.
What is the best of day / week / month?
Any meme that is shared, it generates an action, thoughts, answers, discussions.
These actions are measured and generate a list of topics that have aroused most interest among the users.
There are 2 methods of this classification, which are:
  • The best of the day / week / month to about memes shared by yourself and friends you're following
  • The best of the day / week / month relating to all shared memes
What are the preferite?
When you like a meme (or interesting), you can keep one of your favorites by clicking on the star , so you'll get a quick list of memes that have aroused your curiosity.
What are the private memes?
The private memes are micro shared only between you and some users. The debate generated by a private meme remain private.
Can I emphasize my memes?
Each meme can be formatted in simple and fast way, with simple codes.
We have not used a visual editor because we always try to bring web and mobile all the functions in a uniform manner.
  • Bold: [b]text[/b] or **text**
  • Italic: [i]text[/i] or __text__
  • Underline: [u]text[/u]
  • Stroke: [del]text[/del]
  • Link: [l:URL|word] example: [l:|Meemi]
  • Quote a text: [quote]text[/quote]
  • Code: [code]text[/code]
  • Automatic home link of this user @screen_name - example: @capobecchino
Each url is meemi of detail and allows you to perform a particular action or filter content.
  • Home
  • Meme sfera
  • User home
url flag:
  • /wf: Show our memes with our followings
  • /favourites: Show preferite memes
  • /limit_n: Show only n memes (n = min 1 / max 20)
  • /order_ASC or /order_DESC: Change order of display (Default DESC)
  • /random: Show random meme
  • /text: Show only text
  • /quote: Show only quote
  • /image: Show only image
  • /event: Show only event
  • /link: Show only link
  • /video: Show only video
  • /status or /last: Show always the last meme
All flags can be combined with each other, the example shows all the memes of capobecchino (only images and quotes) and restricts the display to 5 memes for page:
What do they mean: "followings" ed "followers"?
When you consider it interesting to a user and want to be informed of all that we share, beginning to follow him in this way in your stream will show the memes of this new friend.
Everything that you share is public?
No, not everything is public, you have the private memes that you can send to one or more users.
You also have available the draft section, a list of all your notes not yet shared with your friends and you can see from your personal menù.
Can I remove my account?
At any time you can remove your account: Settings -> Remove account.
Fast commands
There are, in the platform, some commands that are used to make quick sharing and configuration of certain options:
  • #canale meme - catalogue the meme with this channel
  • @@screen_name meme - send a private meme to this user (only text meme)
  • @@screen_name1,screen_name2 meme - send a private meme to this users (only text meme)
  • (@twit) meme - send a meme on Twitter
  • draft# meme - create a draft with your meme