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What is Meemi?
Meemi combines the social networking and microblogging in a single instrument, generating a constant stream of information, called lifestream, collecting and sharing micro contents quickly and easily with friends, the memes. At any time and from anywhere in the world.
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What are microblogging and social networking?
The microblogging is a form of a publication costant in small network where content is small: Small text messages (usually less than 200 characters), pictures, quotes, video, links and events. (cit. Tommaso Sorchiotti)
A social network, consists of any group of people linked together by different social ties, ranging from random knowledge, work relationships within the family. (via: Wikipedia)
Why Meemi?
We started from 2 simple concepts that are:
  • offer the opportunity to share their knowledge with others
  • offer the ability to classify their knowledge and send it to others
We chose the term meemi, Suomi translation of the term meme, as reflected in the concepts upon which our idea.


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