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While in a sales training meeting at work not too long ago my boss thought we needed to brush up on this. I believe it is extremely important, and because I feel this way I need to get this to everyone.

Design Ideas & Tips for Kitchen Remodels
Our business was developed for the single mission of helping you to make good, well informed decisions in regards to your kitchen & bath project. We also have some great tools to help you budget and plan your project. We have been serving the kitchen and bath industry for over fifteen years, and have designed and implemented well over 1,000 kitchens. In that time, we've seen it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly! Often times clients will come in with a decorator friend or even a professional decorator, and they put their trust in that person to help guide them. Many decorators/designers do a wonderful job, and the client ends up with a beautiful kitchen. Unfortunately, we've seen many other decorators pick out beautiful cabinetry, wonderful looking granite countertops, an awesome looking floor, beautiful wall colors, etc...- and put it all together and it looks absolutely terrible! The clients have spent a great deal of money buying the best of everything, only to be left with a kitchen they don't really like.

You need to be aware of the fact that to properly execute a kitchen project, you must take your time and research all the options available to you, and make well informed decisions based on a professional opinion you can trust. We will help you and guide you with the needed professional expertise to help you execute your project.

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Design Ideas & Tips for Kitchen Remodels