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So wait a minute. We believe that they are NOT making the bomb, yet we are still putting “punishing” sanctions on them? What are we punishing them for? It sure seems like no matter what they do they still get punished, like some sort of conspiracy.

Sanctions are an act of war, and they lead to armed wars. Imagine if Iran decided to block us from using the world’s banking system, to block all our imports and exports, and to enforce those sanctions in the Gulf of Mexico. The sanctions are crippling their economy and putting their people into poverty and into dependence on their tyrant leaders, and will actually push those leaders to build a bomb as they start to feel threatened.

It seems like the end game is to put on sanctions no matter what. The talk about military attacks, only serves to put Obama in the position of looking reasonable for putting on these unjustified, horrible sanctions that will push Iran to start building the bomb and will lead to armed confrontations down the line. It is a good cop bad cop routine to get consent from the American people and from other nations.
Someone once said War is old men talking and young men dying.
Once a Roman city, where the crusaders committed their first act of cannibalism – eating their dead Muslim opponents – Homs was captured by Saladin in 1174.
Identity politics, this article alludes to, is what is ruining America. We are no longer Americans, just members of different grievence groups, out-whining each other.
When you work for a publication called "The Daily Beast", I guess beating a dead horse is considered "news".
How about we allow Iran to have 10% of the nuclear weapons as Israel has? And require inspections of both.
In this way, the West has shown Iran that it has no need for a nuclear bomb. It has been enough for Iran to simply demonstrate its capacity to develop unconventional weapons. Such a threat has transformed Iran into a superpower able to manipulate the positions of countries around the world. Iran isn’t in a hurry to cross the line between having the potential to manufacture a bomb and actually producing such a weapon. It might never cross that line. Why should it furnish the West with a pretext to attack or impose more sanctions against it?
For me the 44 cents postage a day would be worth it. Better yet, if you work near an AT&T store, go in person and pay the $1. That method is probably the least efficient for AT&T to process the measly dollar! I bet it costs them $5 to handle the $1. If enough customers did that they would re-think their policy...and maybe improve their network AHEAD of sales in the heavly congested area. They are selling you something they can't deliver, a complete false promise. That must be unethical if not illegal/
att&t is due for a netflix moment
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