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Secret intelligence source: Merah was an informant - Press TV News
So Saudi Arabia, a Monarchy and Dictatorship and Leaders of Wahabism (Insanely strict form of Islam) and supporters of the Taliban, are funding a "democratic" movement in Syria that just happens to be Islamic radicals Al Qaeda, Muslims Brotherhood...etc. Just like in Libya.
And Hillary Clinton and the US State Department are nice and cozy with this arragngement.
What the heck are these creeps up to?


is one thing....go around asking/telling other countries not to comply with the report while at the same time putting much of the money you get from that land into settlements now that takes a special kind of mindset.....Sadly it shows that Israel has no shame left when it comes to the Westbank. It might as well annex it.
It's about time somebody suspended accreditation for Reuters. All the stretched out and twisted news stories that they post online is like reading the National Enquierer. Only a fool would believe half of what they read on Reuters.
In article after article, Reuters’ bias against Iran and its allies is plain for everyone to see. This is only a slap on the wrist.
Despite the sizzle of modern fear-mongering by the Israeli leadership on Iran, the same poor choices that fueled the Cold War are being presented as the only options: We bomb Iran, or Iran bombs Israel. In fact, a far better choice for Israel and the U.S. is to de-escalate. A nuclear-free Middle East is the best option for all concerned, except for the Israeli leadership which uses fear as their life preserver.
Austell wrote:
Good to see you’re defending democracy here Reuters!

The headline should read: “Has the Arab Spring arrived on UAE shores?”

But instead you’d give positive attention to UAE’s dictators..

UAE is absolutely ripe for a revolution, a rich safe haven ruled by backwards dictators where a tiny minority of super wealthy people live literally on top of the multitudes of poor immigrant workers.

The situation for the lowest class (the majority) is so bad, many have not been paid for 6 months to a year!

I think it’s about time ALL American backed Dictators in the middle east were overthrown!!

UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to name the 5 worst offenders!

And there are many more US backed Dictatorships that need urgent attention on top of this!
I don't think the republican party would go that far as to send this lady back to a general election race against the same candidate (president Obama) who she and McCain lost in a landslide in 08, specially after America have gotten to know her intentions so well, I mean we as americans can do a lot better than that. I believe Sara Palin knew from the get go that she wasn't equipped for the task but she took the oportunity to be in the public eye in order to advance her agenda which is to sell herself while laughing the way to her bank, just saying....