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Andrejs Skripko , 34 - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
At this moment iToner works with MP3 and AAC formats, but in the future developers do not exclude to embed in this utility its own converter that will allow to expand a number of supported formats.
Nokia’s flagman will be S60 model with huge 2.8 inch touch screen - with physical feedback, well this is i think is the most important innovation from Nokia
Well, probably, it also can be counted as a reference point when necessity in AnySim or IPSF will cease to exist. Who knows?
Release of “Web Apps” unambiguously specifies that the policy of the company concerning 3rd-party software developers for iPhone and iPod Touch in the near future remains unchanged
We do not want to judge is this price an adequate, however we suspect, that during next few days free-of-charge analogues of this utility will be released, as it was in a case of 1.0.2 firmware.
Thus subcomputations show, that purchase of Apple iPhone with two-year contract will cost for inhabitants of France approximately three hundred Euro.
Erica Sadun has created an idea to repeat such feat and transform the unlocking process into high-grade show, having organized on “Unofficial Apple’s blog” Live Broadcasting from a place of the events, which take place during a Friday’s night on fifth of October.
Starring: Anonymous Skyhacker, Erica Sadun from Tuaw and Jobs Vader, i’m truly speechless. Long live the Web and Apple…
Recently a creator of so popular PED stand for Apple iPod has released the stand which now supports iPhone and even allow horizontal viewing.
The main idea of this application is that it searches the Internet for mp3 and video files, and indexes them using the metadata in files.