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Gabriel McBride , 41 - Chandler, TX
The One & Only greyeyesgabriel
from Chandler, TX
from Chandler, TX
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Are you watching your National Debt Your amount of the Debt is over $38,000... - from Chandler, TX
Star Trekking across the Universe; always going forward, cause we can't find reverse... - from Chandler, TX
It all starts with the International Space Station; as a dry dock for assembly of the first Starship designed for Intergalactic travel... - from Chandler, TX
I would really like to see an archeological team sent to Mars to study Cydonia... - from Chandler, TX
but my point was that we now have the technology and the minds to create the ideas of Gene Roddenberry... - from Chandler, TX
perhaps a solid laser core with a graphic shell embedded onto it like skin; yes, it would be a huge program... - from Chandler, TX
...if I could figure out a way to incorporate solid laser technology into holographic technology... - from Chandler, TX