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1. Outdoor entertaining has gained popularity in recent times, however few recognize there are TELEVISION's that are being developed exclusively for outdoor use. How did Pantel group venture into this field?

Founders at Pantel Corp had a series of conferences with consumers from different strolls of life and acknowledged a terrific requirement for enhancement of outdoor entertainment equipment therefore wishing to set new trends in the industry for both residential as well as industrial settings. A looked into carried out by Pantel Corp experts revealed that outdoor amusing is ending up being rage among many youngsters and households of broad diversities. Products launched by Joe Pantel's firm are not just suitable for outdoor activities such as boating, advertising, but also match people and small groups that wish to enjoy in the sun! These products can hold up against extreme and unpredictable weather conditions of the outdoors, yet offer the same level of quality and cost that one discovers in residential commodities. We at Surfside Concepts with the help of Joe Pantel's visionary chose to establish a number of high quality weatherproof HDTV's so that companies and individuals can have an amusing outdoor session.

2. Exactly what are the benefits of a Pantel outdoor weatherproof TV versus regular "indoor" flat panel and CRT Televisions lots of people are using for outdoor use, such as positioning, weatherproofing, and connecting to a video source?

Indoor TVs are not made to be suitable with the outdoor elements, such as rain, wind, sun, and so on. Indoor televisions are susceptible to malfunction as http://thejosephpantelii.soup.... an outcome of any of these elements that our fantastic mommy Earth would have to provide. The wetness or dust/dirt that can get into the infrastructure of an indoor television will cause it to malfunction (i.e., break). The Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof Televisions are made with powder-coated aluminum, which allows them to easily ventilate so that they don't get too hot and it prevents them from rusting as an outcome of bombardment by rain or other moisture. The bottom line is that the elements that exist in an outdoor setting will trigger our Televisions no damage. The internal electronic elements of our TVs are totally sealed off so that they are not brought into contact with the aspects that can so easily damage an indoor television. Also, indoor TVs need that cables/wires be run from the TELEVISION unit to DVD gamers, cable/satellite boxes, etc. Our TVs are made basic with http://joepanteloo.wordpress.c... wireless abilities that permit both an audio and video signal to be sent up to two-hundred feet away, wirelessly. The major advantages of our outdoor TV over any indoor TV consist of, but are definitely not limited to, the ease of use, the anti-reflective glass, and the dual-ventilation system.

3. Undoubtedly, the outdoor aspects, such as extreme temperature levels (cold and hot), wetness (rain/snow), blowing dust, UV rays, and so on can play havoc on outdoor video systems. How has Pantel checked and developed its TVs to guarantee it can brave these outdoor aspects? And can Pantel outdoor TVs (and wireless speakers) be utilized year-round in all climates or should they be safeguarded from extreme winter season and summer environments?

Pantel Televisions are well-equipped for harsh weather conditions since of their dual ventilation systems. The internal temperature gauges figure out when it gets too hot or too cold and in either case, a ventilation system starts. If it is too hot, the fans will kick on so that cool air can distribute within the unit, and if it is too cold, the system will switch on its heating element so that the electrical parts will not freeze. So, in neither roughly cold, nor unbelievably warm weather condition will your Pantel TELEVISION fail you. The ventilation system is highly advanced so that the TV works around the world year-round.
Interview With Joe Pantel
Joe Pantel is one of the most passionate Entrepreneurs one might ever find. He has actually held the position of chairman on Pantel Corp (Surfside principles) and looked after mobilizing the manufacturing processes, implementing end-to-end scalable company relations with customers overseas as well as engaged himself in networking with a few of the well known nationwide and international circulation channels. His contribution has led to a steep growth of sales from one million to 10 million dollars in a matter of 3 years which is an incredible accomplishment. To know more about Joe's works, you can visit his Biography Section.

He got his Bachelor's Degree in Company Management from the College of Phoenix and his Master's Degree in Company Administration with a small in Advertising from Texas A&M Commerce. Needless to say, he is a business owner from his very innermost being. Prior to finishing his education, he owned an automobile stereo shop and started an online tutoring service (not concurrently). He presently acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Surfside Concepts, Inc. and Pantel Corp. His interest is to do company. He likewise teaches online courses in company for different Universities across the U.S. His present companies <a href="http://darealjoepantelvii.tumb...">all about JOe</a> are brand-new, however they are off to a great beginning. He thinks about exactly what he would want to have for himself, and he finds a method to bring it to the general public so that everyone can have it. That is how he has gotten to where he is today. And it is undoubtedly how he will remain to construct businesses and make people delighted. Joe Pantel, in all accounts, is a Visionary.
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