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Stephen Robinson , 45 - Ama, Louisiana
I have been in social networking for many years. I am a Blogger, an Author, and a Writer. I connect with people all over the world. Both socially and in business.
I recently purchased another domain name. and I've been working on the new website practically all day long. It's not so much the actual customizing part that is taking so long, but rather choosing what customizations I am going to make for each section of the site.
I have a simple yet very effective idea to keep hackers from stealing your email accounts and your network accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. We need to ban together and let these networks know that We Are Not Going To Take This Anymore!
from Lakeland, Florida, United States
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from Lakeland, Florida, United States
from Lakeland, Florida, United States
Bloglines Shutting Down
friday, 01 October 2010 hours: 00:00 -

Popular amongst many yet unknown by few is Bloglines. A blogging service that included a Feed Reader, Clippings, and a Playlist. Bloglines is owned and operated by the good people at And on October 1st 2010, will shut Bloglines down. I'm sure this was carefully thought out before the decision was made, but like most choices to shut down a website, I'm sure it's because it no longer financially benefits

I personally did use Bloglines for some blogging, and I also used the Feed Reader for a about a year or so until I switched to Google Reader. And, upon switching my Feed Reader, I also stopped using Bloglines for my blogging. It's really a no-brainer as to where I chose to continue my blogging. I know that no longer supporting Bloglines was probably a very minuscule contributing factor in their decision to shut it down, but I do not regret doing it, nor will I miss Bloglines, or any of it's features.

To be blunt, Bloglines lacked a lot of wanted features for Blogging and Feed Readers that most people in the Blogophere now receive on other more popular blogging platforms. If would have kept up with the latest changes and features offered in other blogging platforms, then perhaps Bloglines would be a lot more popular and flourishing. And would not be shutting it down. But, the decision is theirs. And as I have mentioned in my previous post, it's the way of the world. When one door closes, a better one opens. R.I.P. Bloglines

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from Lakeland, Florida, United States
from Lakeland, Florida, United States
from Lakeland, Florida, United States