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Wanting to learn better italian. Any ideas?
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Comincia a scrivere in italiano , l'esercizio è il miglior metodo!
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yes, use or ask to @yearlyglot
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Step 1: write your question in Italian.
Step 2: read responses in Italian.
Step 3: repeat as necessary
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Instead I use to learn English ...
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interesting. when I was born it was the one of the first languages I learned. I had an Italian grandmother/mother, and then english because I live in America and I had a Mexican baby sitter that taught me Spanish. And then my father is German. But Ive been speaking English so long, its confusing. When I hear Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/even Latin I "think" I can understand it, but when I try to speak it , something in my brain doesn't want to function.
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ahhh! i understand ...
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